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1958 Chrysler Windsor

Owner: Andy Posluszny

1958 Chrysler

Houston Mopar Connection Club member Andy Posluszny’s 1958 Chrysler Windsor:
a four door hardtop with a 354 cubic inch Spitfire polyhead engine and push button
TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission.

The Chrysler was found in a barn in 1979 with a 1973 inspection sticker and license plates. As of August 1999 the Mopar had 130,000 miles on the original engine.

The Chrysler has been owned by Andy since 1979.

In high school, the Windsor had a 392 Hemi out of a 1957 Imperial sedan. The 392’s original four barrel carburetor and intake were swapped out for a factory twin fours setup. The 392’s valve covers were also swapped out for chrome valve covers with the dimples above the intake valve rockers. The dimples came only on the high performance Hemis. It is not know from what car or year the twin fours intake and carburetors and the dimpled valve covers came. The stock 2bbl 354 Spitfire was in too good of condition to just let sit in the garage, so just before Andy took off for college, the 354 went back into its original car. That kept the car all original.

The 392 engine and all the other parts have been kept and are waiting for a classic Mopar that needs a donor engine.

The photo was taken by Andy Posluszny on 10DEC95 near Georgetown, Texas, at the spillway of the Georgetown Dam. The dam is on the San Gabriel river and forms Lake Georgetown. It was taken using an Olympus Infinity camera and Kodak ASA100 color film.

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