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1970 Plymouth Fury III Convertible

Owner: Andy Posluszny

1970 Plymouth Fury convertible

I have the window sticker and paperwork from new and I've owned the Fury since 1983. It was used as a daily driver from 1991 through 1997.


Updated information:
Mods from stock:
1) 3.23 SureGrip rear gear now vs. 2.76 open rear gear originally.
2) High flow exhaust manifolds now vs. log style low performance exhaust manifolds originally.
3) 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipes now vs. 2 1/4 inch exhaust pipes originally.
4) 2 1/4 inch tail pipes now vs. 2 incg tail pipes originally.
5) (Walker) Dynomax Super Hemi Turbo mufflers now vs. factory mufflers.
6) Manual A/C system now vs. ATC system from factory (ATC components labeled and stored).
7) Very tired but still daily driving original 440 was put into storage at 166,000 miles. It was replaced with a rebuilt '69 440. The engine has the original Holley carb, original intake, Competition Cams 280K kit, Erson adjustable rockers, 9.2:1 compression TRW forged pistons, and 904 heads with mild porting.
8) MP electronic ignition. Mallory coil.
9) Cop car alternator.
10) Street/Strip 727. Manual valve body was replaced by '77 part throttle kick-down valve body.

The car is not for sale!

Contact Andy at Contact Owner

August, 1997; revised October, 1999; January 14, 2002; September 21, 2009

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