by Bob Doty

Early Hemi's & LA Transmissions

In answer to a recent e-mail tech question, I will reprint my answer as it was all interesting question with a surprising answer that might be of use to some readers. The question involved the mating of an aluminum TorqueFlite to an early Dodge Hemi (315). After some research, it was discovered that the bellhousing pattern on the early Hemi engines is almost exactly the same as the 273, 318, 340, 360 (LA) engines. The trans will bolt up to the early Hemi, but the distance from the crankshaft mounting flange to the converter is incorrect. A simple spacer call be fabricated and the normal LA converter may be used. Interesting for swaps, street rods, and Mopar toys.

Bob Doty

This article appeared originally in the September, 1997 Mopar Muscle Club of San Antonio, Texas Newsletter.
It is used here with permission of Bob Doty.

November 8, 1997

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