by Bob Doty

Several [phone] calls [I received dealt] with swapping the 340 into an existing 318 car. For example, that ultra-clean '70 Duster that is begging for more muscle. The concerns center around the motor mount area. The fact that the factory 340 engine mounts are hard to come by and some confusion about the left hand mount. The left hand mount is the same; it is the right hand mount that has the different part on the 340 and 360 cars.

This is a very easy modification of the 318 bracket if you do not have the 340 part. The rubber insulators are the same. Simply position the engine from the rear trans mount first and work forward as we have previously discussed, and space the 318 mount and reconfigure as necessary (very minor). You will already have the left hand mount as a second reference point. Again, the 360 will go anywhere the 340 will with the same pieces. Mr. Gasket still carries an all-steel mount for both sides if you are really into rigid mounting systems. This is not to be confused with elephant ears. They are direct replacements for the factory mounts.

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