by Bob Doty

....One of the [phone] calls [I received] this month had to do with the bellhousing bolt pattern and the ability to mate a late model TorqueFlite with the early poly 318. Quickly, I will go through the list. As most of you know, all the late small blocks from the 273 through the 360 share the same bellhousing. The big blocks require a different bellhousing, and there is no difference between the B and the RB. Now for the question . . . the poly 318 shares the identical bolt pattern with the current small block. With the proper flex plate and converter, it is a bolt up.

Speaking of the poly 318 ... did you know that in 1957 this engine was offered with a dual-quad setup and rated at 290 horsepower? Makes you take a second look at that '57 Chevy with the fuel injected 283 horse 283. We all know that the Mopar performance roots run deep. The early 318 was produced up until 1962 with the single four barrel.

Thanks -Bob Doty.

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