1966 Plymouth Belvedere HEMI 5 speed

5 speed Keisler, TQ2 dual clutch, 9.5 compression. Gets 12 mpg at 80 miles per hour on 93 octane, a true driver.

New Hemi with Keith Black pistons, Manley H Beam rods, Chevy rings and two 11.5 inch clutch plates.

It's equipped with Disc brakes, power brakes booster pump vacuum for braking power. On demand vacuum does not run all the time.

The Plymouth has a Sanden AC compressor and R 34 freon will FREEZE YOU.

A fun and dependable driver, has many trophies. In this car Ronnie Sox was driven to the Houston airport in from the Houston Mopar Show and Race and he was very pleased with it.


Reason for sale $$$$$$$$$ money value and thats the only reason.
For Sale SOLD!
For Sale SOLD!

November 14, 2004; Updated May 30, 2011

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