1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe

OWNER: Drew Pearson, Houston, Texas

Previous Owner: Alamo Classic Car Museum, Austin, Texas

Production Plant-Detroit, MI
Production Unit-# 27,976 of 30,806
Production Date-July 1, 1954
Factory Price-$3,763 ($330 Options)
Shipping Weight-4,065 pounds
Original Selling Dealer- Struble Motor Sales, Westwood, NJ (Dealer #6936)

Engine -- Chrysler "FirePower" 331.1 cc.; V-8 HEMI (date stamp: 6/23/54); 235 HP at 4400 r.p.m.
Carburetor -- WCFB Carter 2041S- 4 barrel downdraft
Air Cleaner & Silencer -- Oil Bath
Electrical System -- 6-Volt; Positive Ground
Transmission -- "PowerFlite", 2-speed Automatic
Windshield Wipers -- Electric, 2-speed
Brakes -- "Safe-Guard" Hydraulic; 12 Inch Drums

1954 Chrysler


Factory-Installed OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (Extra Cost):

Chrysler's Advertising Theme for 1954 New Yorker Deluxe:
"Anything Less...Yesterday's Car!"

Chrysler's 1954 New Yorker Production Notes:

This top-of-the-line Chrysler used more trim than other series in 1954. The front fender stone shield is unique to the New Yorker Deluxe while the rear fender stone shield had a horizontal trim piece in the middle, matching the trim on the front fender shield.

Hub cap design is unique to the New Yorker Deluxe and consists of a very flat, spinner-like design in gold color that matched the exterior insignia.

The big news this year is the beginning of the horsepower race, as Chrysler raised the ante with new heads, four-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts. The division capped the top spot in the performance race with a rating of 235 horsepower.

Styling, however, is essentially six years old and sales plummeted more than 40 percent on all Chrylsers, although the New Yorker Deluxe outsold its 1953 counterpart by nearly 25 percent.

Historical Footnotes from Chrysler:

Chrysler opened its Chelsea Proving Grounds in 1954 and test drivers teamed with Tony Bettenhausen to complete a 24-hour endurance run of 2,836 miles, averaging 118.18 MPH in the 331cc HEMI, V-8 Powered New Yorker.

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