1970 Dodge Swinger

Former Owner: Jim "Junkyard Dawg" Poncik (Jim sold the Dart in 1998)
Dart Front

Dart's Nickname: "Black Lemon"

Jim went to the 1991 Mopar Nationals in Columbus Ohio but did not find the F Body car he was searching for that year; (he wanted a Super Coupe or Kit Car). In August, 1992 he rode with three friends and returned to the Nationals. He kept seeing a Dart for the three days he was in Ohio. He kept talking to the seller and struck a deal.

He left his three Texas friends in Ohio, gassed up the Dart and headed back to Texas. The Dart started slowing down about one hour out of Columbus. Checking, he discovered that the transmission needed fluid. He added some fluid and continued. Soon thereafter, though, the car's transmission again started to slip. He found that the rear seal on the transmission had blown.

He added more transmission fluid and, alone, drove into the dark Sunday night headed back to Texas. He discovered that by not exceeding 45 mph the transmission did not build too much pressure and spew out great amounts of transmission fluid.

After much driving, the next morning he pulled over to the side of the road to rest. He soon fell asleep. Amazingly, his three friends that he had left in Ohio drove by headed back to Texas! They found him asleep, parked on the side of the road. They woke him and helped him with the rest of the trip back to Texas.

Dart Engine After 33 hours and 13 quarts of automatic transmission fluid, he got to his friend's house in Texas where he had left his work truck. He drove the truck home and, as the truck coasted to a stop in his driveway his wife saw him and waved hello. She said, smiling broadly, "Hi, I see you did not buy anything!"

He said: "Oh yes I did!"

She said: "Where is it?"

He replied: "It's broke at my friend's house. He will repair the transmission & I'll get the Dart next weekend."

She said: "OH!"

Within a short period of time from when the Dart made it to his house, every seal started leaking: water pump, power steering, brake wheel cylinders, rear end seal, freon... After several months of new Dart leaks, his wife came annoyed and said "You mean that !@$#$$$!!! Black Lemon is broke again!"

The car was thus nicknamed and Jim and his wife are able to laugh about it now!

The Dart has gone on to win many car show trophies.

The Dart's Equipment

The Dart was a Dealer Demo Car. The dealer ordered the car equipped from the factory to show off many of the luxury and performance options a customer could order.

The Black Lemon is equipped with:
340 cid 4 bbl 275 hp
Heavy Duty A727 Torque Flight
323 Sure-Grip
Triple Black (interior, exterior, vinyl top)
Factory Air Conditioning
4 Piston Kelsey Hayes Disc Brakes
Power Steering
Dual Exhaust with Chrome Tips AM Radio
Hood Pins with Lanyards
70 Amp Alternator
Dart Rear Dual Mirrors
Light Package
Molding Package
Rallye Instrument Cluster
Front & Rear Bumper Guards
Rear Window Defogger

March, 1997

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